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You can afford a tropical retirement or temporary adventure and keep the English language. 

Living in Cebu, Philippines can provide a relaxed island holiday lifestyle at a fraction of the US cost of living. Many people are currently considering retirement abroad to take advantage of reduced costs. Some people have dreamed of living in a tropical paradise for at least part of their retirement. This is an ideal time to live an adventure before resigning oneself to a more traditional retirement. The Philippines can offer all these cost savings and has the distinct advantage of being the only English speaking country in Asia. Many westerners already call this "home." 
We are assembling an informational network of sites dedicated to helping all those interested in retiring to the Philippines. Some of the sites will deal with retirement and others will deal with daily living aspects. Asia is probably not for everyone, for others, it is a paradise. We are here to help you decide if it is right for you and give you all the help we can. 
The "Baby Boomer Generation" is currently retiring and will be for the next 20 yrs. This generation has seen more drastic political, social, and technological changes than any before it. If your idea of retirement does not include rocking chairs and bridge clubs, you have come to the right place. You do not need to be retiring to enjoy this tropical playground and a retirement visa is available as young as 35. 
Although we are specializing in helping all those who are thinking of retiring in the Cebu City area or just live in Cebu and enjoy life, our services are available for all the Philippines. We are in the process of hiring and training tour guides in all the major Visayan provinces in order to insure the best possible local information available. 
"Is it safe and convenient?" 
Cebu City has the lowest crime rate of any city in the Philippines and has been voted the most livable city. A few sites promoting Cebu City claim they will tell you "all" the straight facts about life here in Cebu, believe me they do not. It is not all rose petals and sunshine, it is a thriving, bustling city that just happens to be very, very affordable and offers a wonderful lifestyle for many. You can also live anywhere in Cebu Province or other Visayan provinces and utilize the convenience of goods and services available in Cebu City.
"It's too expensive to travel that far..." 
We can show you how to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in air travel alone, many people can pay for their entire trip with just these savings. By scheduling a short layover midway the length of the trip is quite manageable, I've been doing it for years.
"Where would I live?" 
There is abundant housing available in nice areas. We can help you find a suitable place to live. If you are looking for a house, condo, or townhouse, we will steer you in the right direction. You should consider a "try before you buy" approach to living in Cebu, rentals are cheap and let you explore your environment before you make a major financial commitment. We have no affiliation with any one person or developer and maintain neutrality in that respect. You can be assured that our recommendations, good or bad, are completely objective. 
"Could I do this on my own?" 
The short answer is "yes". It will take some time to learn your way around and to become aware of the potential pitfalls of living in a foreign country. I would say a person should plan on a minimum of 3-5 trips here, if you are doing this on your own, before making a commitment. There is so much to see and do here that many people tend to lose focus of their objectives and simply enjoy this tropical paradise. It is not too difficult to retire to the Philippines but you must always remember, this is a poor country and many people are looking to benefit, some honestly and some not so honest. Do not be discouraged from visiting, this is a beautiful place with many wonderful people and offers low cost living as a bonus.

"I want to be able to visit my family."

Sure, the cost of living savings will permit this easily. I have found that most family would rather visit you, though. Imagine the adventure of children or grandchildren coming to the tropics to visit. There will be no shortage of friends and family volunteers to visit your tropical paradise. When our friends and family visit, they usually stay and prepare meals at our house, drastically reducing their holiday cost. Having a resident guide doesn't hurt, either.

Beach SunsetCebu City and Cebu province is a favorite destination of both foreigners and Filipinos, alike. Culture, history, tropical paradise, and modern convenience are all readily available in one place. The charm of the city and warmth of the Cebuano people is irresistible. You will soon realize why the Filipino smile is admired and envied around the world. It comes from the heart.




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